Bosign Do-Dish™
Sink Caddy

The Red Dot-awarded Do-Dish™ Caddy is a convenient and organized storage solution for washing-up equipment. With its innovative soap pump, this caddy is designed to simplify dishwashing tasks and enhance kitchen efficiency.

The Do-Dish Caddy offers organized storage for washing-up equipment, featuring separate compartments for brushes and sponges. With its integrated soap pump, it promotes economical use and minimizes environmental impact. The caddy includes a convenient draining plate to collect excess water and removable parts for effortless cleaning. It also provides flexibility with interchangeable parts, allowing for left or right placement in the sink area.

The Dish Pump

The Do-Dish™ soap dispenser is innovatively designed for convenient one-handed use. Its PET bottle shape doubles as a pump mechanism, allowing for easy dispensing of dish soap. Simply press down the lid with a dish brush or sponge, and the dispenser dispenses the perfect amount of soap through a small hole in the center. This targeted dispensing ensures efficient and precise application onto your brush or sponge, simplifying the dishwashing process.