simplehuman x Cholula
Touch-free Dispenser

The touch-free sauce dispenser, designed by Simplehuman, is specifically created for Cholula Hot Sauce. Tailored for restaurant environments, it offers convenience and efficiency. With battery-powered operation, it provides mobility and flexible placement options. The dispenser includes a stand for stability and ease of use, ensuring a seamless experience.

(photo credit: Cholula)

The cable-free Cholula Hot Sauce dispenser boasts a six-month battery life and is designed with food-grade standards in mind.

Accompanied by a stand, it offers convenient tabletop use in restaurants. The stand features clear indications for sauce cup placement and includes a pull-out tray for easy cleaning. To dispense sauce, simply position a cup beneath the spout on the stand and activate the sensor by hovering your hand above it. This effortless touch-free design elevates the dining experience, ensuring customers enjoy a clean and pleasant sauce dispensing process.

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