Packaging Design

Packaging Design for simplehuman

As an in-house Industrial Designer at simplehuman I have worked on various packaging development projects. They include open-box experience design, structural design, and finding sustainable material solutions.

Sensor Pump + Sanitizer Set

The packaging designs for the Sensor Pump + Sanitizer set have been developed into two formats for different sales channels - one shippable gift set in a brown cardboard box for direct web order customers and one set in a color box designed for retail stores.

The gift box was designed for the launch of the new Hand Sanitizer during the pandemic. The box structure is made to be durable and easy to assemble. The illustration on the outside refers to the essential idea of hand cleaning. The vibrant color print on the inside gives a positive open-box experience. A gift set that provides everyone an opportunity to share with and show care for someone.

The retail version is a color box for display on store shelves. The divider insert and the spacer are in one piece for a simple solution. The spacer can be easily lifted to find printing materials such as the brand warranty card and product instruction book.

Color box graphic design: simplehuman graphic team

Generating Packaging Concept
& Provide Sustainable Solutions

My role in the cross-functional brand packaging and development team is to evaluate and improve internal structure and to ensure that products and instruction sheets are packed in a clear manner. I also work on dieline designs, find sustainable material solutions, do an icon design, and provide the team with new and inspirational ideas.


Cleanstation | open box concept
Clean hand Gift set | DTC box, graphic design
Compact Mirror Smart Cover, Zip Case | Structural design

Sensor Foam Pump/ refill cartridge | Insert concept, dieline design
Sensor Soap Pump + Sanitizer | Box structure
Sensor Pump Max Stand | DTC box development
Shower Caddy | DTC box direction
Step Can | DTC box structural design concept
Steel Frame Dish Rack | Packaging improvement