Color/Material/Finish Design

As the designer of simplehuman products, my goal was to align them with the brand's design language while maximizing their functionality. Throughout the design process, I carefully selected materials, considering a range of options from soft fabrics to rubbery or hard materials. Sustainability was a key focus, as I sought out eco-friendly alternatives that would not compromise the customer experience or the performance of the products.


The CMF (Color, Material, Finish) of the Cleanstation was thoughtfully designed to complement the simplehuman Sensor Pump series, while also catering to tech-savvy customers. This sophisticated choice adds a sleek and modern touch to the Cleanstation, aligning with the preferences of customers who appreciate cutting-edge technology.

| Design Process |

Matte Black
Kitchen & Bath

Matte Black series includes simplehuman Sensor Soap Pumps and Step Cans, Sensor Cans, and is designed for contemporary homes. The color, material, and finish are to have an elegant look as cast-iron treatment. The surface is durable and scratch resistant.

Breathable Laundry Hampers

The laundry bags are designed to provide excellent functionality, combining breathability, durability, and easy maintenance.

Both the mesh and canvas fabrics are made from 100% recycled polyester, utilizing recycled water bottles in their production. The heavy-weight canvas fabric offers a linen-like appearance, enhancing the bags' natural and refreshing aesthetic. The inner side features a thin layer of TPE surface coating, enabling effortless wiping clean or machine-washing in cold water for thorough cleaning.

| Design Process |

Earth Day eBike

This visual proposal showcases the Simplehuman Limited Edition Earth Day eBike, which draws inspiration from nature with its color themes of iceberg, slate, sage, and canyon dust. The eBike features a matte white frame that beautifully accentuates the natural cork handles, saddle, and gum walls on the tires. The design incorporates a simple graphic messaging element, with the phrase "zero emissions," serving as a poignant reminder that biking is a cleaner and healthier alternative to driving, benefiting our planet.

Hello Kitty x Simplehuman
Limited Edition

For a limited edition collection, Senrio and Simplehuman present sensor soap pumps and step cans in stunning gold and silver finishes. This exclusive line embodies a harmonious blend of playfulness, elegance, and modern aesthetics.