Compact Mirror Cases

A collection of stylish and practical mirror cases has been designed for mirror owners to showcase their personal style while ensuring mirror protection. These covers are equipped with automatic mirror on/off features, providing convenience and ease of use.

The Smart cover

Vegan leather, microfiber
The Smart Cover keeps the Sensor safe yet it’s slim for carrying. The magnetic sensors keep the front cover in place, and it turns the mirror's tru-lux light on automatically when the Smart Cover is opened and turns it off again when you close it shut.

The foldable structure can easily set up the mirror for using it on the countertop.

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The Zip Case

vegan leather
Featuring an auto-sensor, these mirror cases automatically activate the mirror's tru-lux light when the mirror is taken out of the zip case and turn it off when placed back inside. Available in a variety of stylish color options such as brown, black, white, red, pink, and iridescent, customers can accessorize fashionably while protecting their mirrors.


CMF Design
The Snap Case

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This eco-friendly giveaway makeup bag is made from washable kraft paper, which not only has a leather-like texture but also comes with a modern aesthetic. Its hand-washable nature allows for easy maintenance, similar to regular fabric. The design of the bag complements the white Sensor Mirror and is exclusively designed for Neiman Marcus. Adding to its organic appeal, the bag features a 100% cotton lining. Thoughtfully designed pockets accommodate the Compact Mirror and charger cable for added convenience.