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By creating smart solutions for bringing bikes on the major public transports, residents in the city could easily be provided a further reach then the tramline now allows and even extend their trips in to nature areas.

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This project demonstrates how to turn a current tram interior into a bike friendly space. The design solution for the bike carriers is to utilize the wheel for bike parking. The bike rack is designed to be able to hold the bike securely during the trip. The ‘in tram’ arrangement of the parking racks is taking in to consideration  Göteborg’s tram routes’ hilly topography so to avoid bikes falling over during rides.

The Bike Parking
There are four bike holders in this wagon. The shape of the bike holders are important in communicating their function. The bike parking is placed directly on both sides of the entrance and the bicycle racks are situated on the wheelhouse for space saving reasons.
Encouraged to bring bike on the tram
The ‘Bring it on the tram’ project aims to create possibilities of widening the service and diversifying the usage of existing public transportation.

The projectc was published in Metro city news letter by Västrafik & GP (Göteborg Post).
Västrafik is the agency responsible for public transport services involving buses, ferries, trains, and the Gothenburg tram network in the county of Västra Götaland, Sweden.

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