Bring It On The Tram

A bike-carrying service concept for Gothenburg city, Sweden

The "Bring it on the tram" project aims to expand the service and enhance the usability of existing public transportation in Gothenburg, a bike-friendly city. The goal is to encourage passengers to bring their bicycles on the tram, providing them with extended travel options.

Gothenburg boasts well-planned bike lanes, making it an ideal city for cycling. Most residents, including students in this university town, rely on bikes for their daily commutes. However, the city's rainy and snowy weather conditions can limit bike usage throughout the year.

The main mode of transportation in Gothenburg is the light rail tram. The project proposes solutions to facilitate bike transportation on the tram, allowing residents to conveniently reach destinations beyond the tramline, including nature areas.

The Concept
The concept focuses on adapting the existing tram model M31, which features a spacious interior and a low floor entrance. By modifying the tram's interior, it can be transformed into a bike-friendly space without causing disruptions to other passengers.

The project serves as a proposal to the city, showcasing how existing trams can be quickly and efficiently modified to accommodate bicycles. By integrating bikes into the public transport system, the project aims to provide residents with more sustainable and versatile transportation options, overcoming the limitations imposed by weather conditions.

The Solution

To address the challenge of accommodating bicycles on the tram, the solution involves placing bike parking directly on both sides of the tram entrance, strategically designed to ensure a smooth flow of passengers. The bicycle racks are positioned on the wheelhouse, maximizing space efficiency.

Each tram wagon is equipped to carry up to four bikes at a time during the trip. This allocation allows for a reasonable number of bicycles to be accommodated without causing overcrowding or inconvenience to other passengers. By providing designated bike parking within the tram, cyclists can securely stow their bikes and enjoy a seamless journey.

This solution not only encourages the integration of bicycles and public transportation but also promotes a more sustainable and flexible commuting experience for residents of Gothenburg.

The Bike Holder

The bike holder securely locks the front wheel, ensuring stability during the tram ride. Its lifted parking angle optimizes storage space and accommodates multiple bikes in each wagon.

Exterior Visual
The exterior visual to identify wagons with bike transport service.

Press /
The project was featured in the Metro newsletter and Göteborg Post (GP).