BEAUTYCON  / Los Angeles

The show booth was designed to captivate beauty enthusiasts with a simple yet eye-catching display, highlighting the innovative features of the mirrors.

In 2016, Simplehuman introduced its Sensor Mirror product line to beauty enthusiasts at the three-day Beautycon event. The show booth was designed to be simple yet eye-catching, capturing the attention of attendees. The focus was on showcasing the Sensor Mirror products and creating an engaging environment for beauty product fans. The booth design incorporated elements that drew attention to the mirrors, ensuring they stood out and attracted visitors to explore and experience the innovative features of the Sensor Mirror line.

Pedestals with mirrors facing out were strategically placed in front of the booth, inviting visitors to experience each sensor mirror as they passed by. The purple acrylic toppers on the pedestals not only showcased the mirrors but also added a touch of beauty with their vibrant color.

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